Practical Bilingualism

Practical Bilingualism

I am very excited to release Practical Bilingualism: A Concise and Simple Guide for Parents Raising Bilingual Children! Read the book's Introduction and peruse the Table of Contents to get a taste of how this unique guide can help your family in the bilingual journey!

"Ana Paula’s Practical Bilingualism is a very refreshing approach to providing basic and easy-to-follow suggestions for parents raising bilingual children! Her writing style is dynamic and easy to follow along, and the activities and strategies she includes make a fun exercise of daily routines, from daily schedule and caretaking routines, music and art, to bilingual schooling and literacy. The greatest strength in the Practical Bilingualism guide is how freely Ana Paula approaches the topic making the reader feel at ease while providing everyday activities and strategies to enhance bilingualism in the home. This guide and her Purposeful Ongoing Play tip sheets are a must have for parents raising bilingual children, and even teachers educating bilingual children in schools."

Claudia Cruz-Fuller, MS, CCC-SLP
Bilingual Speech-Language Pathologist, Calhan, CO

"When I found Ana Paula's work through, it was an epiphany - I'm not alone!  She provides both ideas to follow as a mom raising bilingual children, and as a colleague, she promotes public understanding of bilingual language acquisition in children - dispelling the myths and often hurtful misconceptions that so stubbornly remain despite scientific evidence to the contrary. As both a mom to two trilingual toddlers and as a bilingual speech pathologist, the substantial support Ana Paula provides in her materials gives me the inspiration and encouragement I need during this journey of raising multilingual children."

Joy Pénard, Speech-Language Pathologist and Bilingual Mom

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Here's a fun infographic, courtesy of Bilingual Monkeys

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