Testimonials for Accent Reduction eCourse:

"The author is clearly very knowledgeable. I appreciated her liberal inclusion of internet resources and the tables provided. This eCourse has definitely peaked my interest in Accent Reduction and desire to gain more training."

"The wealth of information, websites, insights regarding specific accents made it really outstanding!"

Testimonial for Clinical Fellow Course:

"Her layout and organization tips, and laying out the law, ethics, and strategies for this particular role were amazing. Great speaker!"

Testimonials for High-Intensity, High-Repetition Articulation Therapy eCourse:

"Beautifully constructed and useful/engaging course!!! Thank you! Great specific therapy applications and ideas."

"I appreciated the articles sited to support HIHR practice. The activities section gave me more ideas for my own therapy. Very practical information and easily applied to real situations."

"Loved the activity ideas; very helpful. Overall message was beneficial."

"Appreciated the creative ways to get maximum repetitions."

Testimonials for Home Articulation Program eCourse:

"Great review and ideas. Very useful and easily applicable."

"I really appreciate the many online resources that the presenter provided."

"The Advocacy section was a surprise bonus. There's been a lot of pressure in our area to reduce caseloads by using a stricter definition of educational impact."

"The resources embedded within the course made this self-study dynamic and interactive."

"Because I have been an SLP for more than 30 years, there was not much of the basic information that I wasn't already aware of, at least to some extent. What I would not have been able to compile on my own is the current summary of parent-friendly resources and the guidance on how to share them with parents."

"I really liked how she talked about how important it is to be a cheerleader for the parent. I never really thought about how articulation homework can be seen as intimidating. The resources found in this course are fantastic!"

Testimonials for Multicultural Populations eCourse:

"The topic was very interesting and informative. The author really covered the issues I have encoutered working in a school with multicultural students."

"One of the better courses I've taken. Not too long, well written and organized, and very informative. I highly recommend this course!"

Testimonials for Necessity of Play eCourses:

"I greatly enjoyed taking Ana Paula's 'The Necessity of Play in Language Development' course. She did an excellent job of outlining the true necessity of play in making speech and language gains. She highlighted how skills learned through play foster progress in later developing speech, language and pre-academic skills. It was so refreshing to sit down and have Ana Paula remind us of why we do what we do. I also loved her ideas on how to encourage more home play with the child and their family. Excellent resources too!"

Testimonials for Parent Training & Involvement eCourse:

"This should be a required course for any new clinician or graduate SLP that will be working with parents/children. In my opinion, based on many years of supervising clinicians and my 20 years experience in early intervention, you must know how to engage, teach, and be a partner with parents in order to be successful with the children. Many clinicians know language therapy but do not understand the importance of 'partnering' with the parents. They aren't being taught how to communicate to parents. Your course does exactly that!"

"I thought the course was very well presented and offered very relevant information."

Testimonials for Telepractice eCourse:

"She was great with ASHA's requirements and useful therapy ideas. I liked the simple step-by-step process on telepractice."

"The samples of how therapy can be done online were beneficial. Very practical course."

"I liked the tons of helpful steps to take in getting ready to provide this service as well as the examples of therapy. I don't have to reinvent the wheel!"