Help with Language

Help with Language

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Are you a homeschooling family looking for speech/language services, or does your child currently receive school services but you'd like more therapy? Online speech therapy in real-time via video conferencing technology might be the solution for you! If you're interested in finding out more, email me using the Contact Form.


"Ana Paula is an outstanding speech therapist! Her gentle yet persistent personality allowed my child to first trust the process and her guidance and then move through the steps to improve his speech. She carefully and thoroughly assessed his specific needs, concentrating on one at a time, so as to not overwhelm him. She varied the types of exercises, tailoring them to his grade level, so he had fun while he progressed. Within the time she specified at the beginning of his assessment, he accomplished the goals she set for him. She made him a more confident student, in order to progress well in school, while improving his confidence overall to communicate with family and friends! Thanks, Ana Paula, for making such an impact on my son's life! I highly recommended her to anyone!"

- E.A., A Grateful Parent

"I am so pleased that we found Ana Paula to work with my daughter's speech. From diagnosis to graduation I found her to have the perfect mix of warmth, fun, and professionalism. She helped both me and my daughter understand exactly what speech differences she noticed. Just having the problem clearly identified helped my 7-year-old focus on correcting it! We appreciated Ana Paula's very 'do-able' home exercises and how she tried many methods and explanations of how to form sounds until she found the trick that really 'clicked' with my daughter. She graduated from therapy 3 years ago and has not needed additional coaching since. We happily recommend Ana Paula to friends!"

- Stacey Lenters, Parent

"Mrs. Mumy has been a wonderful therapist to my daughter Adyson. Adyson has improved rapidly in the year she has worked with Ana Paula. Adyson's experience with her has truly been the best out of all the therapists she's worked with thus far. Ana Paula's knowledge and guidance was very helpful to me as a parent. I loved how she involved me in the therapy and answered all my questions. I haven't had that experience with past therapists. My daughter and I have bonded with her."

- Kelley O., One Happy Parent

"Ana Paula Mumy worked for me as a speech-language pathologist in my private practice. She was responsible for diagnosing and treating a wide variety of communication disorders in children from infants through adolescence. Ana Paula is a therapist who relates easily and naturally with children. Parents were comfortable with Ana Paula. She has an understanding of communication disorders and techniques to address them. Ana Paula was a conscientious and reliable employee. I can recommend Ana Paula. She will be an asset to the children she serves."

- Betsy Straka, Owner of Elizabeth Straka Speech Associates